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About Capstone Metrics
Capstone Metrics LLC is a team committed to providing the best available tools for improving Manufacturing Competitiveness. Capstone’s leadership in developing the most effective solutions for manufacturing success stems from extensive experience in real world management of such operations.
The Capstone Approach is distilled from two key facts…
  • The data needed to drive business improvements is seldom available in convenient or useful forms.
  • As the manufacturing sector experiences ever-increasing global competition, inadequate business information becomes a critical competitive gap.
Capstone believes…
A manufacturer cannot be truly competitive without excellent visibility to its OEE and the critical underlying information.

This belief is based on the following key facts…
  • Favorable changes in OEE directly lead to gains in profitability.
  • OEE is the ‘Continuous Improvement Engine” that drives Lean Manufacturing.
  • On a global stage, fine-tuned OEE can be leveraged to offset labor cost disadvantages.
  • OEE is the universal yardstick allowing benchmarking of manufacturing effectiveness.
Capstone’s mission …
To deliver the most effective, comprehensive, and flexible OEE Optimization Tools that can be envisioned.

With this in mind, Capstone’s OEE Management Software has been developed to achieve several key objectives …
  • Excellent visibility to all of the OEE Metrics, with extensive underlying detail.
  • Extremely fast implementation at a surprisingly low cost.
  • Built-In Data Analysis tools which quickly direct focus to the greatest opportunities.
  • Ability to interface with nearly any business system or shop floor data system.
  • Network-ready software offers broad access, ease of use, and minimal training.
  • Additionally, meet all the traditional needs for daily production reporting.
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