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OEE Management Software—The Operational Benefits
Favorable changes in OEE directly lead to gains in profitability. The linkage between OEE results and financial performance is a function of:
Reduced Variable Manufacturing Cost (Direct Cost) resulting from…
Increased Uptime (Availability)
    - Higher Speed (Performance)
    - Minimized material waste (Quality)

Better Asset Utilization, leading to…
Lower Overhead Cost (Fixed Cost)
    - Additional Sales Capacity - at no cost

Reduced Inventory as the Manufacturing Processes become more reliable
Rational basis for more effective capital management and spending

OEE should be viewed as a ‘Continuous Improvement Engine” that provides a robust framework for the Lean Manufacturing journey:
Triggers and monitors Six Sigma projects and Kaizen events
Provides basis for Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

As far as global competition is concerned, OEE improvement strategies can offset labor cost disadvantages to provide a more level playing field.

OEE is the universal yardstick allowing benchmarking of manufacturing effectiveness.

OEE Management Software—Key Features & Attributes

  • Excellent visibility to all of the OEE Metrics, with extensive underlying detail.
  • Extremely fast implementation at a surprisingly low cost.
  • Built-In Data Analysis tools which quickly direct focus to the greatest opportunities.
  • Ability to interface with nearly any business system or shop floor data system.
  • Network-ready software offers broad access, ease of use, and minimal training.
  • Additionally, meet all the traditional needs for daily production reporting.

OEE Management Software—Getting Up and Running

1) Fast & Simple Initial Setup—OEE Management Software uses a system of Data Tables arranged hierarchically which mimic the operating structure for the facility.  Initial loading of this data is straightforward and may be accomplished through a combination of two methods…

  • Automatic import using a pre-formatted spreadsheet supplied with OEE Management Software
  • Manual entry of Table data via Data Entry Windows

2) Installation on your Network—Capstone OEE Management Software may now be distributed over your plant Network following a few simple steps..

3) Flexible Data Sourcing—Capstone OEE Management Software Package is designed to capture all key OEE data from a plant business (ERP) system, from an existing shop floor data collection system, or by manual entry at shop floor level. These three methods may be used in various combinations to match your current data availability methods. Capstone is focused on providing OEE Information quickly and efficiently, rather than trying to change the way that data is handled in the organization.

OEE Management Software—Getting The Results

OEE Management is now ready to begin collecting and presenting data:

  • Training requirements are very minimal, In addition to a comprehensive user manual, the software includes a built-in context sensitive Help Guide.
  • Use of OEE Management Software intuitive and encourages exploring data by various methods. All decisions for selections and options are guided by pre-defined menus and lists which insure that data is always consistent and meaningful. No knowledge of database or query methods is required.
  • Reporting is available to anyone at any time and is real-time. Associates are able to analyze their own performance; Engineers and plant leadership may monitor daily results from their desks.
  • Daily reports may be generated for posting on plant floor or to provide focus for daily production meetings.

Reporting features:

  • Several flexible Paynter chart formats are available for analysis of downtime or scrap performance.
  • Reports may be focused at plant, department, shift, work center, and part number levels.
  • Many numerical reports are available for analysis at the detail or summary level.
  • Most reports may also be directly exported to Microsoft® Excel for further analysis.
  • Assisted Data Analysis tools are provided for automatically identifying problem areas and trends.

Extra Features:

  • Each of the four OEE metrics may be assigned dynamic goals that change by month to provide the framework for a pattern of continuous improvement.
  • Functionality is included to import updated part standards on a routine basis, in order to reflect changes in the Business System (ERP).
A Labor Efficiency Module provides the ability to track and report labor at each work center compared to standards.

Extensive Reporting making use of a wide variety of  charts as well as numerical information. 

  • Paynter Charts
  • Trend Charts
  • Pareto Analysis
  • Cross-Tab Reports
  • Traditional Production Reports

The Microsoft® Access Platform

The Microsoft® Access Platform is powerful and well proven in the field. This application combines an Access database with Visual Basic automation to provide a friendly user appearance as well as excellent data reporting and exporting capabilities. Data files are accessible and are ODBC Compliant.

Clients may run OEE Management Software on their Licensed Version of Microsoft® Access, or may download the FREE Access Runtime Version at The Runtime Version provides the same functionality as does the Licensed Version.

System Requirements
OEE Management Software requires Microsoft® Access 2000 – 2013, Licensed Version...
or the Access 2010 Runtime Version which may be downloaded at no cost from

Download FREE OEE Management Software Demo  

Download FREE OEE Management Software Demo

OEE QuickTrend Report
The QuickTrend Window provides a dashboard view of Manufacturing Performance. With a few mouse clicks this view can be directed at top-level or may drill down to any combination of parameters, such as Work Center, Shift, Part Number, etc.

oee calculation OEE Filter Reports
The Analysis Window provides a ranked view of each Work Center or Part Number. It easily set to focus on any of the four OEE metrics and whether to look for absolute performance or trends

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oee definition OEE Reports

oee formula OEE Crosstab Report

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oee software OEE Reports

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Powerful Analysis Tools which quickly identify areas for improvement. Automatic detection of unfavorable trends as well as missed goals.


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