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Capstone Metrics OEE Software - oee metric oee formula

Capstone’s mission… To deliver the most effective, comprehensive, and
flexible OEE Optimization Tools that can be envisioned.

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What is OEEOEE Software by Capstone MetricsWhat is OEE - oee definition
OEE (or Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a direct measure of how companies utilize capital while minimizing manufacturing cost.

OEE is a top-level metric, which is comprised of 3 underlying elements

OEE = Availability X Performance X Quality…


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Why Measure Your OEE - oee formula
1. Favorable changes in OEE/TEEP directly link to gains in Profitability

2. Reduced Variable Cost through Increased Availability, Performance and Quality

3. Lower Fixed Cost via improved plant Loading

4. On a global stage, fine-tuned OEE can be leveraged to offset Labor Cost disadvantages ...

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Why Choose OEE SoftwareWhy Choose Capstone - oee calculationOEE Calculation
Capstone OEE Management is designed to capture all key data from various sources, and then provide results for reporting and analysis.

Key features:
1. Superior reporting of all of the OEE metrics, with extensive visibility to the underlying causes.

2. Extremely fast implementation, typically one or two days, at a surprisingly low cost   
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